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 inspirational Stories Welcome to the world of inspiration and motivation.

If you are like me, I am sure you enjoy reading humorous short inspirational funny stories, motivational quotes and inspirational poems.

The purpose of reading Inspirational Stories is to change our perspective to one of hope and optimism.

Everyone at certain times needs to read  touching words  such as a motivational story, funny quote, or an inspirational poem.

If we donít make a some  effort to read stories and quotes and poems that inspire us we can easily get sucked into the negativity that is created in in our world by many people in different ways.

Just like you need food for your body, you also need at certain times food for your mind and soul that comes as touching and inspirational sayings and words in a form of a story, a quote or poem that lift you up and makes you feel better.

In this site your will find a collection of short and famous inspirational stories and motivational quotes , touching words, poems, plus a good selection of the best inspiring pictures, and motivating  posters.

Inspire me Blog

Inspire me blog

Inspirational Stories

Inspirational motivational stories

Inspirational Quotes

inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Poems

Inspirational Poems

Funny Stories

short funny stories

Inspirational Posters

Inspirational Posters

In addition to inspirational stories you can also read some humorous short and long funny stories.  You can also search for inspirational books or motivational poster or check some  inspirational tools that will help you become inspired all day and everyday.

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