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inspirational short stories and quotesWelcome to the inspirational world. In this site  you can find and read carefully selected inspirational short stories and quotes and enjoy looking at high quality motivational images.

If you are like me, you will enjoy reading short quotes, funny inspirational stories, and inspirational poems.

Just like you need food for your body, you also at certain times, need food for your mind and soul that comes as touching and inspirational messages. An inspirational  story, a quote or poem that can  lift you up and makes you feel better.

I found that Inspirational messages, such as funny stories and quotes  are an excellent source providing energy and spirit for anyone reading them from time to time.

Inspirational short stories and quotes

Inspirational stories can give you the ability to make a positive change in your attitude and help you make better choices, fill your life confidence and make you determined to achieve you dreams and goals.

Also, reading inspirational messages and stories can help you change your thoughts, or can assist you in making you think of a situation in a different way. They can spark new ideas giving us a new way of thinking or viewing a particular situation.

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